Jasper has now been adopted.

Jasper is a 6 year old castrated male who require a new home. Jasper came to us a un-wanted stray. He is currently being cared for by fosterers.
Jasper’s fosterers have this to say about him “ We are currently fostering Jasper and wanted to add a few points about him. Jasper has brought to us a massive amount of joy and laughter after the loss of our dog last year. He is the most affectionate young boy I think we have ever met, with boundless amounts of energy and equal amounts of affection and cuddles. It’s heartbreaking to think that we can only foster him due to our own circumstances and we can only hope he finds his forever home as quickly as possible. He has mixed regularly with humans in our house of all ages from 3 months to 70 years old. He is extremely well behave when we are in the house and when we leave him if we have to go out. After his morning walk, he will sleep happily in his bed until his evening walk. Jasper is dog reactive, but we manage this in our walks and there is some improvement week on week. We hope that somebody out there would be looking for a truly beautiful liver spot male dalmatian who just wants affection”.
Jasper is reactive around other dogs so requires someone who can work with him positively . (welfare will offer support to any potential adopters)
Jasper cannot live with other dogs or cats. And will only be placed into a home with older children.