North of England Dalmatian Club Welfare Service


Welcome to the North of England Dalmatian Welfare

The North of England Dalmatian Welfare was setup to help care for Dalmatians in the North of England. We operate from North of Stafford all the way up to Scottish Borders.
If you are from an area South of Stafford then please visit the British Dalmatian Welfare,
If you happen to be from North of the Scottish Border then please contact the Scottish Dalmatian Welfare.

Please note: Our volunteers are unpaid and some work full time and some have young families, in addition to helping our spotted friends and shall respond as soon as possible to any messages left.

About Welfare

The welfare service was created to assist in the care of all Dalmatians, sometimes with the right advice the re homing of the Dalmatian has not been necessary. If you find you are struggling please get in touch so that we can try and help you sort out your problems before the point of no return. However, it is a sad fact of life that circumstances can change and a home once suitable for a Dalmatian is no longer suitable and you need to find a new home for your pet. In either case, please use the contact page above and our welfare coordinator will only be too happy to help and advise you.

If you are here because you feel that you can give a loving home to one of the many Dalmatians on our list, then please first visit the page about the breed so that you can assess as to whether a Dalmatian is a suitable breed for you. If after reading through all of that you still wish to add some spots to your life, then please go to the Homes Needed section where the Dalmatians currently looking for a new home are listed. Alternatively you may wish to visit the latest news page which is a direct connection to the North of England Dalmatian Club Welfare Service’s Facebook page, this may include more up to date details of Dalmatians looking for new homes as it can be updated by our Welfare Coordinators directly without relying on our Volunteer Webmaster.

Prior to re homing all Dalmatians will have been assessed by one of our volunteers experienced with the Dalmatian breed. These are usually members, breeders or friends of the North of England Dalmatian Club. Again all prospective homes will be assessed by our team of volunteers and each suitable home will be matched to a Dalmatian that will fit in nicely. As a charitable organisation we do ask for a small donation to help us cover the costs of fuel, vets bills, etc. that we encounter on a daily basis.

Adopting A Dalmatian

If you feel a Dalmatian is the  breed for you, then please have a look through this Website. Dalmatians in welfare range generally between 2 years and 10 years. Some of these are young family friendly Dalmatians that are easy to re home and others may be golden oldies whom require a comfy sofa, a loving home and less exercise.

Dogs adopted from the North of England Dalmatian Welfare Service come with 5 weeks free pet insurance – whatever their age!

If you are interested in being considered for adoption,  please contact us on 07964 232426.

Re homing your Dalmatian

If you need to re home your Dalmatian please ring 07941 861654 and we can discuss this with you.